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Cawley Consulting provides technical and functional SAP consultants to large implementation projects and directly to mid-market SAP clients.


Mid-Market, Central PA Focus

SAP's push into the mid-market has opened up a need that Cawley Consulting hopes to fill - companies big enough to run SAP but not big enough to justify a full time technical or functional resource specialized in each area of SAP that they are running.  We are local to central Pennsylvania and that allows onsite visits for design and building rapport.


On-Demand Project Teams

Cawley Consulting is able to build and ramp up teams to address short term projects when our clients need to roll out SAP to new locations, upgrade their system or implement previously unused SAP functionality.


As-Needed Ongoing SAP Support

Cawley Consulting provides ongoing support remotely on an as-needed basis - allowing small companies to protect their IT budget from the high cost of full time consulting resources that are not utilized full time.


Our Team

Our team consists of consultants with at least ten years of domestic SAP experience, good communications skills and a willingness to provide services on an as-needed basis to small and mid-size companies.


Our Mission

To provide excellent analysis, design, programming, testing and documentation for every assignment.  We share our experience, expertise and perspective to leave our clients better able to support their own SAP implementation.


Scope - both Large and Small Implementations

We provide full time resources for large projects as a subcontractor to larger consulting firms on large SAP implementations.  We also providing on-demand ongoing development and support to midsize companies with SAP implementations in the central Pennsylvania region.


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